Turn your smartphone into your practice partner

Prepwell helps students think through a problem as they are solving it.

Every problem in Prepwell has been broken down into steps. And at each step, there is a question about a core concept / insight needed to solve the problem.

Through constant questioning, we are able to reinforce concepts that students know and introduce those that they don't.


Because only on solving a problem does one realize what one knows, what one doesn't know, and what one needs to know.

As the old Chinese saying goes "I hear and I forget ; I see and I remember ; I do and I understand."

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₹ 16,575 raised for underprivileged children.

Because every ₹ math-ers


Over three days in December 2015, Prepwell helped raise ₹ 16,575 for U & I - a Bangalore based NGO that works with underprivileged children.

We were looking for some way to get people to see that Maths can make a positive difference to someone else's life.

Hence, we came up with idea of asking students (and their parents) to solve Math problems on Prepwell.

And for every problem solved correctly, we made a contribution to U & I (₹ 25 for easy problems, ₹ 50 for tougher ones).

We would like to thank all who came and solved a problem. Your efforts have just enriched the life of someone less fortunate.